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Nina Weid Leadership Coach

Next round starting soon!

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Become the authentic leader that lives inside of you:

explore your unique leadership style while being held and supported by a like-hearted group.


1st Month 

I am an authentic leader

Who are you as a leader? Have you already discovered your leadership values and your unique leadership style?

2nd Month 

I set up my team successfully

Ever heard of team phases? And which roles need to be filled in a team? We will discuss the best way to set up an efficient, successful, and happy team.

3rd Month 

I communicate clearly with my team

Regular team meetings and 1:1s are crucial for success. We will learn all about communication skills as a leader and create templates for you to use in your daily business life.


Next round will be announced soon.


3 × 90-minute learning session

3 × 60-minute activity session

3 × 60-minute hot seat and Q&A call



Platform to exchange, celebrate successes, and share stories.


690 mins in 10 calls

support on daily challenges and endless exchange in peer group

The mastermind offers spots for max. 15 participants.

Curious, how your company could support you in joining this mastermind through your educational budget? Book a discovery call or download the company flyer.

€ 1.000,- 



(+ VAT 19%)

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