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Nina Weid Leadership Coach

Next round starting soon!

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Become the authentic leader that lives inside of you:

explore your unique leadership style while being held and supported by a like-hearted group.

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You are a first-time leader who desires support, clarity, and specific how-tos to lead your team? 

This 3-month mastermind unites open-minded leaders to learn, discuss, and exchange about all topics “leadership” and will support you on your path of exploring the authentic and inspiring leader within you. You will learn to turn your unique gifts into a powerful leadership style that suits you.


As a first-time leader you have recently been promoted to or entered a position ​where you are responsible for one or more team members and it is your first or second time leading a team. Or you have founded your own company and as the business is growing you start to hire a team to support you and you don’t have any or very little experience leading a team.

Wherever you stand in your leadership journey –
you are more than welcome to join, just as you are.

The biggest challenge is often to find your very own way of leading because we are distracted by so much information, theories, and how-tos. Instead of adding tools and theories on top of your to-do list, we will find your leadership essence within you.

We will explore your stories, patterns, beliefs, and communication style to rethink and adjust what is still valid and what needs to be released as an old version. No added tasks but truly anchored behaviours and values.

I am curious to meet you.

What you'll receive

What we will work on

Throughout the entire time, you will:

• receive a total of 690 minutes
  together in 10 calls over 3 months


• experience and participate in peer group
in our Slack group channel


• celebrate your own successes as well
  as mastermi
nd successes

During our 3 months together, you will:

• feel a sense of belonging and togetherness
You are not alone


• explore your inner world to become a
  authentic and inspiring leader


• receive practical tools to improve
  communication and daily teamwork


• receive support in dealing with challenges

• create more structure for yourself and
  your team

Every month we will meet for: 1x learning session (90 minutes)  In the first week of the month, we will dive into our monthly topic, learn about tools and ideas to ease your life as a leader, and start to think about practical first steps to implement these tools. 1x activity session  (60 minutes)  During our activity session in the second week of the month, we will practice the learned content and make it actionable for your daily life. 1x hot seat or Q&A session  (60 minutes) The third call will be used to discuss your current challenges in a group setting and receive coaching and support from Nina. This hour is created to fully serve your current needs and answer any questions and takes place in the third week of the month. + kick-off call in month 1 (60 minutes) (recordings of calls included)

During our time together, we will dive into 3 specific areas: 1 I am an authentic leader Who are you as a leader? What is your leadership role? Have you already discovered your leadership values and your unique leadership style? 2 I set up my team in a powerful and successful way Ever heard of team phases? And which roles need to be filled in a team? We will discuss the best way to set up and lead an efficient, successful, and happy team. 3 I communicate clearly with my team Regular team meetings and 1:1s are crucial for success. We will learn all about communication skills as a leader, setting expectations, feedback and create templates for you to use in your daily business life.





€ 1.000,-

one-time payment 


3× €400,- 

monthly payment

(+ VAT 19%)

This mastermind offers spots
or max. 15 participants.

Next round to be announced soon!

If you feel called to join this mastermind, please click the button "Sign up here" or book a discovery call with Nina.


During the call, we will discuss any questions or doubts that arise.

Curious, how your company could support you in joining this mastermind through your educational budget?

Book a discovery call or download the company flyer below.

Dear one,

you are not alone with your challenges, fears, and feelings. We are in this together. During our 3 months, we will have a lot of fun while learning all you need to take your first steps as an authentic and inspiring leader.

 I can’t wait to start this journey with you.

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