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My name is Nina and I am constantly looking for freedom, growth, purpose and authenticity to create a life that not only makes me happy but also makes the world a better place. 
Based in Berlin, I love to travel the world and meet life outside of my homebase.

Walking my own path has had (and still has) its ups and downs - family, society, everyone seemed to expect something from me - until I discovered that the only one that was stopping me from living my life by my rules was 

I am passionate about connecting with people, listening and having truly good conversations that lead to emotional alchemy for you and me. 
Through my work as trainer and coach, I am supporting you to live your best life, in a business or private environment. 

I am curious to meet you, hear your story and enjoy the time with you because in the end 
- Ram Dass said it perfectly - 
"we're all just walking each other home".


"Nina radiates trust and has an unnatural ability to see right through anyone she meets. Nina is hands down the best leadership coach I know and an incredible professional. There are few people that have had a bigger impact on my own views and development and I appreciate her enormously."

Peter, Global VP of People

"I was a first-time manager and Nina steered me successfully through all leadership challenges and to set up my own leadership values.
I have rarely seen someone with so much empathy. Through the right questions, she is able to provide me with clarity about what to do in difficult situations."

Alexej, Co-founder & CMO

"From helping me learn more about emotional intelligence to supporting my path of learning how to be 'myself' as a leader - I am enjoying every session and I can highly recommend her!"

Sebastian, COO

"Nina has the remarkable ability to guide you into self-reflection and to give you impulses on how to bring change into your everyday life. Through her outstanding empathy, she manages to get to the core of things and give you a clear view of the present situation. You always leave the sessions with her with a feeling of lightness and increased confidence in your own abilities."

Doro, Berlin

"I was lucky enough to be perfectly supported by Nina’s leadership coaching in my new role as a team lead. She opened my mind and I changed perspectives. Moreover, she was able to transform stormy days into bright sunshine. She is able to motivate highly – even in harder times. Without Nina, I would not be the leader as I am now, and I am very proud of this."

Eva, Head of Design

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