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My name is Nina and I am constantly looking for freedom, growth, purpose and authenticity to create a life that not only makes me happy but also makes the world a better place. 
Based in Berlin, I love to travel the world and meet life outside of my homebase.

Walking my own path has had (and still has) its ups and downs - family, society, everyone seemed to expect something from me - until I discovered that the only one that was stopping me from living my life by my rules was 

I am passionate about connecting with people, listening and having truly good conversations that lead to emotional alchemy for you and me. 
Through my work as trainer and coach for emotional alchemy, I am supporting you to live your best life, in a business or private environment. 

I am curious to meet you, hear your story and enjoy the time with you because in the end 
- Ram Dass said it perfectly - 
"we're all just walking each other home".

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