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Training is so much more than teaching - it challenges our existing patterns and brings us into conversation with ourselves and the ones around us.

During my trainings I invite you to think outside your box, exchange with your peers and challenge your existing thoughts and structures. I promise that you will be leaving the training with new ideas, a new vision for yourself and your team and a feeling of empowerment.

My passion lies in leadership trainings and emotional intelligence trainings as these are so crucial in today's world. In addition, I am happy to offer soft skills trainings in all their variety.

Due to my work for corporate companies as well as start-ups all around the world, employed and as a freelancer, I am using the best tools of each of these worlds and combine those in my trainings.

Leadership Training

Being a leader begins within you – by knowing your values, your strengths and your potential.
Being a leader is an experience that needs to be lived and fueled by emotional intelligence and experience.

In my leadership trainings you’ll learn all about servant leadership and how to thrive as a lead to support your team being their most productive and happy.

If your company is in need for leadership basics due to a less experienced leadership team or a deep dive into the core pillars of leadership for senior level, I am happy to offer a specifically tailored program of one or more training sessions for you.

Trainings can be offered in private and corporate environments.
Delivery in German and English possible.
Located in Southern Germany, I am more than happy to support your initiatives around the world.

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