Nina Weid Life Coaching Emotional Alchemy

Growth and change can only happen when patterns and thoughts are checked and revalidated or tossed. This check can only happen when you feel heard, when you receive the space to open up and bring clarity into your wild mind.
Growth and change are crucial to live a happy life, your happiest life.
During our session we will discover your patterns and stories which you might have grown out of and explore the life you are striving for. You will discover deep trust, inspiration and a sense of self-worth that enables you to live your best life. 

I create a space for you where I have your back, I hold your hand and I listen to your words and your feelings to alchemize them into something wonderfully wild & new. 

One session offers 60 minutes of true listening, pure honesty, raw beauty and all the feels for alchemy.

To start this journey together,  we get to know each other during a free 30 minute initial call.


Clarity Coaching

You want to get back to a state of happiness and lightness, you need to take a big decision or you just want to get inspired to live your best life?

This is for you:

60 minute session face-to-face or online to activate and align

30 minute initial call

unlimited email/whats app support for the following 2 weeks

recorded online session if desired

Available in German and English.
Of course, I am happy to tailor any packages to your specific needs.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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